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Leave Your Loved Ones in Control of Your Medical Care

Ask an attorney in Mechanicsburg, PA to draft your advance healthcare directive

An advance healthcare directive, also known as a living will, is a document outlining instructions for your end-of-life care in the event of a medical emergency. Many residents in the Mechanicsburg, PA area choose to draft a living will to give their loved ones peace of mind. William R. Kaufman Attorney-At-Law can write an advance healthcare directive that's as detailed as you'd like.

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FAQ about end-of-life planning

Planning for your future might be simpler than you think. Read answers to these questions so you can make informed decisions:

  • What can an advance healthcare directive help prepare for? Many clients of William R. Kaufman Attorney-At-Law ask for living wills to prepare for an unexpected medical crisis, such as a terminal illness.
  • Could anyone use an advance healthcare directive? While it's more common for older individuals and married couples to draft living wills, anyone at any age can use an advance healthcare directive to provide instructions for his or her medical treatment.
  • What can a living will include? Many Mechanicsburg, PA residents include instructions for guardianship, emergency medical treatment or hospice care in their healthcare directives.

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