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What to Consider When Choosing a Power of Attorney in Mechanicsburg, PA.

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You might not feel comfortable giving someone else control over your assets, but it could be a smart idea in certain situations. Before choosing a power of attorney, make sure you seek guidance from an experienced attorney in Mechanicsburg, PA.

At William R. Kaufman Attorney-At-Law, you can meet with an attorney to discuss the benefits of appointing someone to manage your affairs. Expect us to ask questions like...

  • Who do you trust to make financial or healthcare decisions on your behalf?
  • What kinds of assets or business matters do you want your power of attorney to manage?
  • Have you communicated your wishes with the person you'd like to make your power of attorney?

These questions will help us understand your priorities when drafting a power of attorney. Contact our Mechanicsburg, PA law office at 717-766-7702 today to learn more.

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Choosing a power of attorney can seem confusing, but you can find clarity at William R. Kaufman Attorney-At-Law. Let's discuss your situation in detail. Make an appointment at your convenience.