Probate Lawyer Mechanicsburg, PA

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Our office is here to take weight off of a difficult time

Take time to grieve the passing of a loved one. When you or your family are dealing with a will, it can pose a time-consuming task to prove validity of the document. Instead of stressing about this responsibility, rely on William R. Kaufman to lift your burden. Most people who are named as an executor are not aware of how the probate process works. If you are named administrator of an estate, a probate gives you legal right to the estate.

Estate administration is the responsibility to deal with assets including:

  • Personal Possessions
  • Money
  • Property

We offer free consultations to work with our probate lawyer in Mechanicsburg, PA. During this consult and throughout the entire court process, we will advise and guide you from start to finish what is expected and how we can help.

Dedicate time to mourn your loved ones, not worry about their estate.

Here at the offices of William R. Kaufman, we work with people of all ages. No matter your age, we will guide you through the process to make this a smooth and less daunting experience. Our thoughts are always with families experiencing loss. Whether you have lost a parent, a sibling, and child, or a close friend, you can rely on William R. Kaufman to provide comfort and ease because of his many years as a probate attorney.